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Ok nice just very short

Graphics: 7
The graphics are ok. Should run even on slower pc's yet doesnt look stupid. Pretty decent for a first flash.

Sound: 8
Nice effects. Although at some point they are bit too loud. I wonder how did you make those creepy monster sounds. I could have gotten really scared if I watched that in the dark and the flash was longer. The music seems to lagg at points. I dont understand the language but I've come to like spanish dubbing. :)

Style: 9
Weird and mysterious enough so I like it. Also I like how theres no bullshit like character introduction with long dialogues where nothing happens. At the last point I didnt get whether the monster vanished becasue he was hit my the gem or because he didnt hold it anymore. Anyway nice job dude.

Interactivity: 6
There are two buttons to press I saw. Couldn't find the easter egg so theres quite a lot anyways.

Voilence: 8
Yeah theres pretty much anything here besides blood. Explosions. Excessive force.

Humor: 4
The end was funny. I like how the main character was given help by a freakin centipede!!

Overall: 8
I like the idea of a random treasure hunter you threw in for this flash. I'd enjoy seeing more characters from you in other flash, or maybe just more adventures from Barquero. =)

Barquero responds:

Thanks!!! I realy apreciate your opinion, I took some tips for the future and be sure that my others animation going to be better :) (hahaha sorry fot my english)

Nice DBZ action

Pretty nice sprite graphs. nothing stunning but good, basic animation with nice aura- and special effects added later. however, concerning about fusing with the earrings im not sure if Vegetto should have black hair in the start seeing they both fused from SSJ... you might know better.

Soundscape consists of heck of a lot of shouting and appropriate thuds. I see they are timed with the frames so that the action is visible on the screen a fraction later or timed right on the spot. From this one can see you have clearly put a lot of work into this. The only problem I have is, I don't know if you noticed but there is no sound in credits when you select Vegeta ending. and some of the commentary by Goku and Vegeta were annoyingly bland. they sounded like they could be from just any fight scene =(. I don't know if you've used the game's musics or did those people record some of their own, it doesn't say... anyway it's a tribute to the actors if one can't tell the difference, huh? ;D

Meh, its an okay battle. nothing that would rock my socks off, knowing what happens in Dragonball Z. but I especially enjoyed seeing Buu PWN both Vegeta and Goku! it was hilarious, even in SSJ they looked like they were fighting in slow motion! Buu's first attack was I-N-S-A-N-E!!! =O

Probably one of the violent movies I've seen on NG, without blood. contains the daily dose found in an actual episode, except without the long Bulma-talking about Yamcha- episodes or Goten-and-Trunks-at-the-supermarket-"

There are sufficient buttons on the menu and surprisingly, unlike most sprite movies I've seen they actually work. Plus there are bonus clips in the end. Kudos for putting that go-back-to-select-other-ending thing becuase I would hate to watch the whole thing again. Not that your flash is bad, though! :O

Some of the fighting sounds compared to each situation are funny. Again, Buu kicking Goku & Vegeta ass was soooo funny! I usually take fights like this seriously, but I couldn't stop smiling looking at how both of them were taken. and the "OOOMPHHH!" "ARRRGHH!" "AHHHH!":s! X,D You have incarcerated the constant surprise factor of the actual DBZ series and combined it with the occasional funniness of DBZ in the way like when Vegeta unfuses Goku all of a sudden and then knees him in the groin! :D

Its a nice all-around DBZ movie. easy to watch. but a little big filesize. took a while to load, and theres no preloader (like there is in Wolfenstein 3D Headshot). otherwise it had been a 5 stars.

Pure Gold...

this is my favorite movies of all time and always love coming back to it.

here's whats the most amazig part which always gets me when watching: thinking about how reploids evolve.. if Atomic Fire can heat up to 5 zeros, like the guy below me said...

how can it be enough if Overdrive Ostrich a X5 model is a 200 years newer model than Heatman. if his design improves to a 10x each year, it would be a equivalent of 10 ^200, that's a digit with 200 zeros better than Heatman's!!!

how can the Atomic Fire scorch him??? that's how awesome he is...

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I knew something was gonna happen to the dude because of a few things...

First, I saw your flash Jerry Clouds before this,
Second, the way one of the plants didn't wither like the others during night,
And third, that same plant seemed to grow a bit every time I watered it and hit the pool for water. I really didn't wanna get closer to it when it got taller than me. I looked if I could maybe go past it somehow, lol. I'm gonna give you a detailed review.

Graphics: 4

Graphics are nothing special. It's beginner level stuff, but they get the job done. You see what's going on. I like the change in toning when you water the plants and when they dry, and little things, like the sun animation.

Sound: 6

Pretty simple, just music in the background and some sound effects. To the style of this game I don't think any more sounds are needed and the piano music fits the garden scene nicely.

Style: 6

I see you have a thing for plot twists and sudden scares. You use a theme where man manipulates nature and in the end, nature kills the man. I like the way both of the games I played ended the same way. You have a franchise going on here that can be expected in further productions.

Interactivity: 8

The player is in control of this game all the time, basically. Except for the few cutscenes, nothing happens if I don't move the guy around. On the other hand I'm disappointed there are only two buttons I can use. I would enjoy being able to use the whole keyboard and maybe have some action buttons. This is more like a movie with "play" buttons than a game now.

Violence: 4

Obviously you have to get to the end for some violence, and it was rather worth the wait. The blood spatters along with death constitute a 4 on this score.

Humor: 2

Most of the game I was bored to death waiting for the water tank to fill and trying to fill all the flowers, then it didn't get much better as I walked Baker to his actual death. I could see it coming a mile away unlike in Jerry Clouds.

Overall: 4

Sidescrolling simple, movie- like game with linear progression in both the events and gameplay.

Took me sweet time to get to the portal. The enemies run way too fast and the jump is too small. But the trick is to run through the first enemy and with 1 health remaining jump on the branch. Then you're home free. A clever idea. :)

Graphics: 3

I'm sure you could do better if you spent more than a few minutes on these so I won't go all out. If you're using a slow computer maybe these blocks move okay to you but you need to consider that people run faster CPU's and adjust the framerate.

Sound: 0

No sound.

Violence: 3

Apparently there's something getting killed here, a block since I can lose health and go back to the start.

Interactivity: 7

I can move back and forth as well as jump. Makes for a good interaction.

Humor: 3

Wasn't very fun at all, until I learned how to actually beat the game. It's actually quite fun, you think you can't pass it but then realize it's just possible. I like games like this. :)

Overall: 2

The only thing saving this from blam is that I realized it can be beat.

Wow, this is actually pretty neat! I like the physics on the ball. Some Pong games I've seen make the ball go very fast or act unexpectedly, but this ran very smoothly. I tried to see if I could use the side of the paddle to hit the ball into a horizontal spin, but no, it only hits it vertically. Still, nice programming. :)

Graphics: 2

Nonexistent graphics, just lines and a ball. But hey, it's Pong...

Sound: 0

Still, no sound...

Violence: 2

No violence, unless you count the constant slamming of the ball in high speed.

Interactivity: 7

Yet another game with much interaction. At first I thought it was crap, cause I kept losing at 100 points no matter what button I pressed. Then I realized you move the paddle WITH THE MOUSE. You should really add instructions to the start. It's not a big of a deal.

Humor: 1

Playing Pong solo gets dull very fast...

Overall: 4

The game is simple, but it works.

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Kick ass.

Originality: 3

Diversity: 8

Clarity: 7

Effort: 8

Overall: 10

I've hear better Gym themes...

Originality: 3

Gee I wonder how many Pokemon Red/Blue themes there are on the Internet? 10.... thousand?

Diversity: 8

Surprisingly complex-sounding even seeing that the original theme is already quite complex.

Clarity: 4

Unfortunately the raspiness of the style does cut a little off from clarity.

Effort: 7

You can hear that you've nevertheless spent a lot of time on this. Despite it being only 1½ minutes.

Overall: 8

It's almost as good or better than the original

I really enjoyed it. But listen: what about making these from the other themes in the game? I'd really enjoy hearing Dread Battleship for example.

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